I mostly write about plus size apparel and technology (specifically QA and DevOps). Why? I was a systems analyst for 13 years – and wished for better clothes every day. I understand how a pair of pants (or the right software) can change someone's life. That makes it easy for me to get customers excited about your products.

I believe that honesty, empathy, and humor are the best sales tactics around.

I can't get you on the first page of Google, because anyone who says they can is lying. But I can help increase your web traffic.

I started writing blog posts and product page copy for Plus By Design in the summer of 2016. As of 2018, the site sees more than twice the sessions they did before.

Fun facts

  • I own so many earrings that I could wear a different pair each day for 2 months.

  • I geek out over Star Wars, Jane Austen, and every fandom in between.

  • I once did CPR in the center lane of the Belt Parkway. (I don't recommend it.)

Shoot me an e-mail at jen@jenandersonwriter.com for a free consultation.

Here's  the story  behind the eyepatch. I'm not still wearing it, but don't you agree that I look amazing in an eyepatch?