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NAKED infusions

Product Page copy for gourmet salsa and chips.

NAKED infusions Rebate Page

Rewrote existing copy to clarify how customers can claim a rebate or BOGO offer, or request a coupon.

Mill Pond Forest Careers Site

This construction and apartment building management company needed a website that would spark the interest of skilled and unskilled workers, make them excited about the possibility of working for the company and prepare them for the job interview process. 

Special Requests

Chrysalis Yoga in Burlington, Ontario needed some humorous cards to place on the tables in their restaurant, The Naked Sprout. The table talkers I wrote for them make raw, vegan, organic food more accessible to patrons.

Majani Teas - fair trade tea

5 Reasons to Give Fair Trade Gifts

5 Things You Notice as a Tea Drinker in a Coffee Country

6 Reasons Why Tea is the Perfect Gift

NAKED infusions - gourmet salsa and chips.

Slug & Chug Food Truck Selects NAKED infusions Organic Gourmet Salsa For Their Breakfast Burritos

Is All Salsa Gluten Free?

Food Gifts That Make the Holidays Delicious

Is Eating Organic Really That Important?

The Next Big Food Trend - Infusions!

Give the Gift of What America Does Best

Wine Pairings for Tex Mex

Whole Foods Gives Us a Reason to Celebrate

The Hostess Gift With the Mostess

Variety is the Spice of Every Party 

Get NAKED For Valentine's Day

A Meal So Easy That Kids Can Make It - NAKED Chicken

Celebrate the Super Bowl with NAKED infusions

How's That New Year's Diet Going? Ready to Get NAKED?

Get NAKED At Your Super Bowl Party

Find Out Why the Whole Country Will Be Getting NAKED

Flavours Catering + Events in Sydney, Australia - these are just my favorite of many blog posts I wrote for them.

The Challenges of Office Catering 

DiY Kits from Flavours

ad lag

Note: This website has been repurposed. I have republished them here since many of them include video. The site was originally about creative advertising.

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