It's Not Nice to Fool Mother Google


Besides, you can't. So stop trying. 

Once upon a time, about three years ago, everyone was flooding the web with keywords. It didn't matter to them if their content was dreck because they wanted to use lots of keywords to get Google's attention and raise their search ranking. They got Google's attention, all right. Then the royal smart persons at Google changed the search algorithms to ignore poor quality content and punish any webpage that was waving it's arms around trying to get attention with keywords and nothing else.

And the world breathed a sigh of relief and threw parades in honor of the royal smart persons because they didn't have to sift through pages of poor quality content when they were just trying to find out how to fix their leaky sink.

Oh wait, that didn't happen. Because most people didn't even notice. And those that did freaked out and started looking for new ways to trick Google into giving them web traffic whether they deserved it or not. Seriously, some web masters would've sacrificed a chicken if they thought it would do any good. They'd already sacrificed quality and the sanity of countless web surfers.

Sorry kiddies, but the best way to bring in search traffic these days is to create high quality content. As in, something a real human being would want to read. Don't even worry about keywords. Google's search algorithms are smart enough to know what you're talking about, and what someone is searching for, and they'll put you together if there's a logical match, not a keyword match.

If you want customers to find your website, then add text to your webpages that speaks to their needs. Do blog posts that discuss the things people might be searching for when you want them to find you. If you sell those squishie stress balls, write a blog post about ways to promote a product (including giving away stress balls with the product name on it). Then when someone searches for ways to promote a product, they'll find your blog post, and therefore your website.

Google isn't going to turn back the clock. If your business has a web presence, you need good writing. A freelance writer like me isn't there just to protect you from grammar nerds and people who will can help you build your business.